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About Go-Getters, Inc.
History of Go-Getters

Go-Getters is a psychiatric rehabilitation program offering a broad array of programs designed to assist people recovering from severe mental illness to integrate more fully into their chosen home communities.

Founded in 1979 by Mary Kay Noren, then a social worker at Eastern Shore State Hospital,         Go-Getters was one of many community rehabilitation programs modeled after the Fountain House Clubhouse in New York. The program offered a site for a day activities in which club members were responsible for much of the work, and attracted people who were seeking to overcome the isolation they felt since leaving the hospital.

In the past 34 years, through the addition of multiple programs, expansion of multiple sites, development of regional outreach and a current caseload of over 380 members, Go-Getters has championed these two elements: the value of each individual member, and the collective community of friendship. We still mark our successes in terms of enhancement of individual responsibility and increase in belonging.

  Go-Getters provides rehabilitation services to adults recovering from severe mental illness in Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset counties. Day Programs run classes on daily living skills, support groups, and vocational preparation. Outreach Teams offer support and friendship to members in the community who might otherwise be isolated or neglected. Advocates assist with the daily demands of life and welcome people back in to the larger community, providing services at home, worksite, or another location chosen by the member. Residential Services provide housing and shelter in all three counties. We offer intensive and general housing, and with support and guidance our members are able to learn skills to help them move into independent living. Crisis services at Beacon Place help prevent hospitalization to people in crisis. 

In 2013 we became an approved Health Home provider. Our goal is to improve the overall wellness of a person by assisting them with medical and social issues along with their mental health needs. Our Community Support Advocates and Residential Counselors will be trained in basic medical care and help members manage chronic medical illnesses. Counselors will coordinate a members medical care, provide education and take them to appointments when necessary. Members receiving Health Home services will have their height, weight, blood pressure, pulse and blood sugar measured, a personal intake will completed and goals will be developed with the members.
Take a look at our brochures for Go-Getters and Health Home services:
A CARF three year accreditation was awarded to Go-Getters,Inc. for the following programs:
                            Community Integration
                        Community Housing
                      Crisis Stabilization
           Health Home
                Respite Services

CEO replacement
hire deputy director6/1/2015
create search committee1/1/2016
hire executive directorbetween June & Sept

develop short list6/30/2015
entertain demos8/31/2015
begin use1/1/2016

Workforce training
basics inhousequarterly start July/15
community trainingsquarterly start Jan/16
35th anniversary splash11/1/2015
staff orientation manual4/30/2015

Excellence in MH
CARF accreditation4/30/2015
develop 9 elements6/1/2016
apply for CCBHC status2017

Effects of poverty
purchase 20 housing units12/31/2016
grow supp empl program12/31/2015
friends & family transport12/31/2016
monthly passes Shore Transit6/30/2016

Our Core Values for the Agency: Staff and Members Alike

Hope: Acting from the belief and expectation that good things will happen for us and our members.

Respect: Treating all people and their ideas as being valuable and important.

Respond: Responding quickly and well to questions, requests, needs, and feedback.

Results: Being goal directed and known for high performance and achieving results.

Autonomy: Honoring the rights of individuals to direct their lives, work, recovery and relationships.

Mastery: Striving always to be the best that we can be for ourselves, our members, and our team.

Purpose: Connecting to our cause and directing our energies toward what gives us meaning in life.

Happiness: Creating experiences that give us and our members feelings of joy, pride, contentment and well-being.